about <Joe>


● Joeは敷く必要のない畳。


    • ● 時にJoeは畳屋さんから出る廃材を利用したエコ畳でもあります。

       畳表:国産天然イ草/天然樹脂を含む複合素材 etc...
       畳床:天然木質繊維(ダイケン畳) etc...
       畳縁:風呂敷/着物/合皮/LEBERTY/インポートファブリック etc...


  • ● Joeはオーダーが可能です。



直射日光の当たる場所ではい草が変色しやすくなりますが、時間を共に過ごしたという一つの”味わいとして Joe の変化をお楽しみください。

天然い草を使用している Joe は特に水分を苦手とします。


・about Joe
I make a mini-tatami mat of the interior. It is called Joe. My original tatami mat, Joe was born from my desire that I want to leave the Japanese tatami mat to the next generation. Joe is the tatami mat which can be used as a mat or as a display board to enjoy your arrangement as an interior decoration.

・Joe is a kind of Eco tatami mat that is made with tatami scraps out of the tatami dealer of tatami shop.
Even tatami scraps are small pieces of new tatami mat. Therefore there is no standard size for and I make them in various sizes depending on the material. As I want to people feel the Japanese culture even from a small tatami mat, I make with  domestic native rush.

・ Joe could be an order made.
I will make it in your favourite size with your favourite fabric. You can bring in your own favourite fabric. How about your own original with your memorable favourite fabric?
(However, sometimes it may not meet your requirements depending on your own fabric.)

・Handling and Caution on Joe.
Color : If a Joe is exposed to the direct sunshine, it changes color. However, please enjoy the change color of Joe as one “Flavour” that you spend some time with it together.

Water : Any products made with nature rush are not good especially with water. Please do not water to Joe.

Weak : Joe is not rugged. Please be careful in dropping or impact.

Joe is hand made one by one and sizes are varies slightly. Depending on parts of material, there are some cases that they may be different from the photos. Please understand it.